Ch Lockehill What's Ur Pleasure

Breeder/Owner: Margaret Locke
Spring Branch, TX

Lockehill began in 1990 when I purchased my first sheltie, Pandras Kismet Kate. Katie and I competed in obedience classes and did well but I was drawn to the breed ring. A beautifully groomed correct sheltie flowing around the ring is breathtaking. I decided to breed Katie and took her to Guy Mauldin. Well to put it bluntly, he said "the world doesn't need anymore ugly shelties and maybe I should get a better bitch." That statement began my quest. From Molly, my first "show quality" bitch and foundation to the present, the quest is ongoing.  Oh, by the way, Guy Mauldin happily bred Molly to his Ch Kismet's Talisman II, ROM and that breeding produced my first Champion "Whisky", Ch Lockehill What's Ur Pleasure! Guy's statement was hard but he was right and I am forever grateful that he changed my direction.

Lockehill is a "not for profit" hobby, my shelties are my pets! We are located 35 miles north of San Antonio Texas on the Wilhelm von Specht homestead (circa 1853-1878) in the beautiful Texas Hillcountry. My dogs live in a cabin built in 1853 and enjoy the evenings in the "grand house" (1878) with me. Click on picture of my home for a tour of the homestead. I hope you enjoy your stay.     Margaret Locke, caretaker, my shelties own me!

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Gallery of Stars

A gallery of the Lockehill shelties past and present

Current Shelties

A gallery of the current residents of Lockehill

Lottie's kids Megan & Kaluha

Show & Tell

Plus News and Fun Photos


and Lockehill's first MACH

MACH5 PACH Lockehill Lady Elizabeth Bronte

Extended Family

Mentors and friends who helped form Lockehill Shelties


Pictures of current pups, hopefuls, and adults available.

The Wilhelm von Specht Homestead
Home of Lockehill Shelties
See the restoration in progress and the Lockehill kennel setup

Lockehill Gardens

My other passion is my gardens, watch the flowers grow

Richard Finch Avian Carving Artist

Pictures of my brother's award winning wildfowl carvings


Frances Kelley Art
Pictures of my sister Fay's paintings

Lockehill can be reached at 830-885-7547 or by email at lockehil@gvtc.com

Member of Alamo Area Shetland Sheepdog Club since 1990, AKC BOM since 2011, and the American Shetland Sheepdog Association since 1998

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