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.March 26, 2022: MBISS GCH Ch Atwater Chosen Family Ties was shown at the ASSA National Specialty and was given an Award Of Merit by breeder Judge Jan Howard. Mendy Gleason was showing him among a group of 138 Champion Shelties. As a member of the "Family", I am so very proud of this dog.


February 12, 2022: Pictured is Tye, BISS GCH Ch Atwater Chosen Family Ties winning Best in Specialty Show twice at our Alamo Area SS Club Shows under judges Randall Sheets and Charlotte Tull Swinson.

Tye also won the Best of Breed on the following day under Robert Olson. He was shown to all wins by Mendy Gleason.

Tye also won Best of Breed the following weekend at Kerrville and a group four. He is ranked at number 6 in the nation for shelties and will be shown by Mendy at this years National Specialty Show in March.

I am so proud of this boy and what his owner Barbara Wright has done getting him ready for all these wins and his breeders and co-owners Dan and Allana Hemenway for finding just the right dog to breed their Star to. The litter alread has Tye and Poppy finished and Sky just needs two points. The fourth pup is a beautiful dog but alas, he went over the size limit. See Tye and his dam Star below.

Tye's tail female line on both his sire and dam go back to Lockehill Careless Lucinda "Lucy" through her daughters Ch Diedra and Daisy. Tye's sire Chivas comes down from Diedra and Tye's dam Star comes down from Daisy



February 7, 2021: Far right is Atwater Chrimson Sky "Sky" taking her second Specialty Major at Houston. Just needs a few points to be the third littermate to finish.

September 5. 2020: I am very pleased to announce that Poppy is now Ch Atwater's Chrimson Fields. She finished today at the Belton shows

She only needed one point since February but COVID19 put a stop to all dog shows and her carier was put on hold. She was in good company with many of the competitors needing only a point to finish. Poppy was BOS to her father who was the breed winner. Hope her sister Sky wins tomorrow.



.Feburary 9. 2020: Atwater's Chrimson Fields "Poppy" was winners for a 3 point major, she needs one point to finish. Her sister Atwater's Crimson Lights "Sky" was reserve winners.

February 8, 2020: What a great weekend at our own Alamo Area Shetland Sheepdog Club Specialties. The morning show had Ch Atwater Chosen Family Ties "Tye" winning his championship with his third specialty major. Shown here with his dam Star and owner/breeders Dan and Allana Hemenway.

Thank you to Jo Virden, Brenda Miramon, and Jane Howard for the 3 specialty wins and Sandy Staffan for putting him BOS to his mom, "Star" who was Best of Breed from the Veterans Class at the afternoon specialty. Tye, on the right, now has started his specials career.

Thank you to all the people whose breeding programs are behind this dog. "Tye", Atwater Chosen Family Ties, is sired by Kismet Breyston Luck of the Draw (GCH Ch Laureate Invincible X GCh Ch Kismet's Serendipity Caress) X Multi BISS GCH Ch Atwater's Lockehill Daydream Believer CGC (Ch Macdega Allegience X GCh Ch Lockehill Le Premier Pas "Layla"). Layla whose name means The First Step, was my first opportunity to do the Lottie - Lucy cross which has been very productive. Tye will now allow me to continue this line breeding as both his sire and dam go back to Lucy.

I am so proud of Dan and Allana and I trust they will keep my Lockehill line of shetlies going well into the future.


February 8, 2020 : It was a wonderful weekend for our FAMILY of sheltie breeders. We have been best friends for decades with our common interest the beautiful shetland sheepdog.

Barbara Wright seated to the left of Tye with her daughter Sheri Overbay were first to be afflicted with "sheltie fever" more than 40 years ago and her line of Chosen Shelties continue through Tye who Barbara named "Family Ties" to celebrate this long connection.

I (grey hair) began my Lockhill line thirty years ago and was fortunate to use many of Barbara's fine champons in my breeding program and Tye decends from her Ch Chosen Dedication bred to Lockehill Careless Lucinda.

The lovely couple standing center are Danny and Sheryl Kendrick of Serendipity Shelties who I met years ago whe they purchased Lockehill Stellaluna who produced their first champion, Ch Lockehill Tis Serendipity. Tye decends on his tail female line from Ch Kismet's Serendipity Caress - Ch Kismet's Chosen One - Ch Lockehill Chosen Delight - Lockehill Careless Lucinda.

Dan (upper left) and Allana (seated right) Hemenway are the breeders of both Star and Tye. A very talented couple of breeders and handlers. I have know then since they moved to Texas from Canada and quickly recognized their talent with shelties. Allana finished many champions for me. She finished my "Layla" GCH Ch Lockehill Le Premier Pas and I leased her to them for a litter as a thank you. That litter produced Star, Tye's dam.


January 26, 2020: WOW ... this weekend at the Shetland Sheepdog Club of Houston Specialty shows, two siblings took major wins. The third sibling, Poppy shown below with Tye, already has 11 points 1 major. Both Chivas and Star descend from my Lucy. Star through Lockehill Dedicated to Love "Daisy" and Chivas through Ch Lockehill Chosen Delight "Diedra"sister daughters of Lockehill Careless Lucinda "Lucy" and Ch Chosen Dedication II "Davis".

Atwater Chosen Family Ties "Tye" took Best of Breed for a 4 point major Saturday morning under Judge Jo Virden. Sunday he won Best of Winners for a 4 point major under Brenda Miramon. Atwater Crimson Lights "Sky" went Winners under Robert Kelly for a 4 point major. Congratulations go out to Dan and Allana on breeding and handling this fine group and to Barbara Wright "Chosen Shelties" Tye's co-owner, on these great wins.




October 5, 2019: Atwater's Crimson Field "Poppy" right and her brother Atwater Chosen Family Ties "Tye" shown taking Winners Dog an Winners Bitch at the KC of Greater Victoria show.

July 12, 2019: Congratulations go out to Allana Hemenway for showing Atwater's Crimson Field "Poppy" to Best of Breed under Judge Joy Brewster at the KC of Greater Victoria show. She took her first points from the 9-12 month puppy class..

July 18, 2019: At the Houston Reliant Shows, Poppy took WB on Thursday and WB for her first major on Friday. She is half way there with seven points and one major.

Tyw & Poppy's sire is Kismet Breyston Luck of the Draw "Chivas" and her dam is GCH Ch Atwater's Lockehill Daydream Believer, CGC "Star". Star can be seen below in a March 2017 photo. she is my Layla's daughter


.Feb 8, 2020 Update: Sam took Winners on Saturday afternoon at our Alamo Area Shetland Sheepdog Specialty show to add another 2 points, he just needs five singles to finish. Sam is tail female to my Lottie so he is another option to do the Lottie-Lucy cross.

October 14 , 2019: Congratulations to my best bud Jackie Geister on the big wins for Prairie Sam Spade at Serendipity "Sam" this weekend at the Trinity Valley Specialty in Canton. Sam is co-owned by Jackie with Donna Sammon and Danny& Sheryl Kendrick, Danny showed Sam to Best Puppy, Winners Dog and Best of winners for a four point major win. He also took the 4pt major win on the previous day.

This gives him both his majors in one weekend and 8 points toward his championship and he is just nine months old and out of coat.

Sam is sired by GCH CH Barwood Clearsky Fireworks and is out of Prairie Chosen Inspiration "Becca". Becca is tail female back to my Lottie and is another current sheltie going back to Lockehill.

Prairie Chosen Inspiration - Lockehill Chosen Love Story - Lockehill Jolene My Love - Lockehill Careless Love (see tribute below)- Ch Lockehill Careless Lillianna - Ch Lockehill Careless Carlotta.



September 11, 2019: It is with great sadness that I tell of the passing of my Lockehill Careless Love "Lovey" at 14 years old. She graced me with her beauty from her first breath to her last.

Lovey is shown here as a six month old pup and at thirteen years...never lost her beauty, just gained a bit of grey. She was awarded three best in sweeps, three best puppy, and two 5pt major reserves from the 6-9 puppy class. She was never brave and had an unfortunate encounter with a rough judge and began to hate the show ring so I retired her to become my champion of the heart.

She is behind all my current shelties and has two MACH Champions to her credit. MACH PACH Lockehill Cowboy Cassanova "Jacob" and MACH5 PACH Lockehill Lady Elizabeth Bronte "Ellie" (I left all the string of titles off them, they are long and well earned).



April 21, 2018: This is the beautiful Ch Kismet's Breyston Amorada "Macie" bred by Patricia Dody, Guy & Thelma Mauldin and co-owned with Nancy Rainosek and shown by Mendy Gleason going Runner Up in Futurity at the 2018 American Shetland Sheepdog National Specialty. I mention her here because she is the Great Great granddaugher of my Lucy. Her tail female line is : Ch Kismet's Breyston Amorada - Ch Kismet's Serendipity Caress - Ch Kismet's Chosen One - Ch Lockehill Chosen Delight - Lockehill Careless Lucinda.

See photos of Lucy below in her final tribute.

I retired from the showring some years ago and it is so exciting for me to still see the Lockehill Shelties appear in the pedigree of such nice shelties.

I bred Lockehill Serena's Song to Macie's brother Chevas this Spring but unfortunately she missed but I plan to try again this Fall. Serena is also a Great Great Granddaughter of Lucy.




Jnne 23. 2017: Lockehill Careless Lucinda "Lucy" has become forever young, she passed away today at 16.5 years of age. Such a fun, kind, loving sheltie. My thanks forever to Diane and Gary Rath for giving her a fantastic retirement home full of love and good health. She is shown below as a pup, at one year old, and as a young adult shown by Allana Hemenway to a Best of Breed.

Lucy was Fanny's (Lockehill's Careless Pleasure) daughter which was where she got all her good humor and size. Her sire was Ch Kismet's Tallisman II, ROM. As a youngster she won Specialty Sweepstakes and a few almost wins. She did win a Best of Breed before we found she no longer would fit under the wicket.

Retired from the show ring, she was bred to Ch Chosen Dedication "Davis" and produced the litter sisters Ch Lockehill Chosen Delight "Diedra" and Lockehill Dedicated to Love "Daisy". These two sisters went on to produce well and are behind these champions: BISS Ch Chosen Samurai's Delight, BISS Ch Chosen Kismet's Surprise, BISS Ch Kismet's Chosen One, Ch Kismet Serendipity Caress, Ch Kismet's Never Say Never, GCH Lockehill Le Premier Pas, BISS GCH Ch Atwater's Lockehill Day Dream Believer, GCH Ch Atwater's High Noon At Lockehill, and many more that are pointed.

Lucy was also bred to Ch Barkley's SS Pajero Junior, ROM and produced Lockehill Romancing T' Stone who went on to produce Ch Classic's Favorite Fantacy dam of Ch Classic's The Quartermaster.




March 4 , 2017: Allana Hemenway took her Layla daughter Star to the Austin Sheltie Club Specialty and took Best in Show under breeder judge Joy Bass.

I am delighted that Allana decided to bring Star out of retirement and go for a Specialty Best. The photo does not show her at her best so I added the photo of her first major win to illustrate her outstanding conformation....she moves as good as she looks!

Star is now BISS GCH Ch Atwater's Lockehill Daydream Believer. She really loves the dog show game just like her dam GCH Ch Lockehill Le Premier Pas did... her half brother Cooper, GCH Atwater's High Noon at Lockehill, loved it too but retirement is okay by him.




November 29, 2016: Today I must announce the passing of my beautiful Ch Lockehill Careless Lillianna (Ch O'Davak Justice Prevails ROM x Ch Lockehill Careless Carlotta). Kathy writes: "The inevitable finally came to pass. Lillie made it to 17 and even to my birthday on Nov 27 in reasonably good health, but she suddenly took a turn for the worst and we had her euthanized yesterday. I have cried buckets, of course. Thankfully, Art took her to the vet to spare me witnessing the life go out of her." Shown below with Kathy celebrating her seventeenth birthday with a toast to good health and a wish for many more years. Kathy and Art Adjemian took Lillianna for her retirement ten years ago and loved her the rest of her long life.

Lillie finished very quickly much to the relief of everyone ringside. I was showing her sister BISS CH Lockehill Belle Dela Noche during the same period and would hand Lillie's lead to people ringside who soon learned she was going to bury her head into their tack box, purse, or whatever else she could reach. I suddenly had no helpers ringside....no one wanted to try and coral Lillie. I showed her to her first Specialty Major and to several points and then she went to Allana Hemenway to finish while I showed her sister Belle. Lillie loved everyone and was a pure pleasure ....well most of the time. She loved the show game, finished with a specialty major and took Best of Breed with all her remaining points. She produced one champion, Ch Lockehill Careless Summer who was owned and finished by Allana. Summer also produced a champion and is behind many more.

Lillianna is shown below taking Reserve (with Allana Hemenway) to Belle who was Winners and Best of Opposite under breeder Judge Charlotte Tull at our AASSC Specialty. Allana took Lillie out the next weekend to finish her championship. Belle finished that year with a major win at the Dallas Specialty. Her brother Ch Lockehill Special Edition "Kahlua" also took the major under Al Bianchi. It was the first time I had won Winners Dog and Winners Bitch at the same show. Kahlua won his championship completely owner handled while I took all but one point on Belle.




September 3 , 2016: Brianne and Alice are going to their new homes. Brianne will be Lockehill Atwater Breeze "Brie"and go to Allana while Alice becomes Lockehill Mecca HallelouYah "Hallie" for Donna-Rae.

Alice on the right with her new owner Donna-Rae Coatta of Mecca Shelties in Canada has a long flight home ahead of her. She will fly to Alberta Canada in the cabin with Donna...hope she is a very good girl.

Brianne on left with Allana is going just up the road to San Marcos TX to become new showgirl in resicence with Dan and Allana Hemenway of Atwater Shelties.

I am very pleased!

October 27, 2016: Received word today that Donna-Rae had entered Hallie in the 4-6 month puppy class at the 2016 Canadian National Specialty...she writes;

Thank you Ladies….for helping me to achieve my goal!!!! Three years ago, I wanted to have a puppy in the national sheltie specialty in Camrose….so close to home! With your kindness Hallie and I stood in the Baby Puppy ring – 7 to 9 puppies each time….She might have been the youngest one there but what she lacked for in coat she MORE than made up for in ATTITUDE!!! Kisses to every judge who put a hand on her! She had trouble keeping 4 paws on the floor but would slurp up the treats and baited really well – occasionally! She brought smiles to the people watching and for her three times in the show ring she enjoyed every minute! That was all I asked of her….to have FUN!! Colleen Andrus….Loved her and complimented her the next day to other people that told me….said that she would be the one to watch for when she matured.

October 14, 2016 : Allana Hemenway dusted off the cobwebs on GCH Atwater Lockehill Day Dream Believer "Star" and picked up BOS under Judge Jerry Parisek at the Trinity Valley Shetland Sheepdog Cub Specialty. Star is a GCH Lockehill Le Premier Pas daughter Yea Team!

Speaking of dusting off the cobwebs, Sherly Kendrick brought out Ch Kismet's Chosen one "Mara" who is a Ch Lockehill Chosen Delight daughter out for the Select Bitch and Best Veteran win.

It is good to see the Lockehill shelties still out competing even though I have retired from the show ring. Watch for Allana's new girl Lockehill Atwater Breeze(right) in the Spring Specialties. Her litter sister Lockehill Mecca Hallelujah will be competing in Canada.




March 28 , 2016 : Diane with Layla just a few days before she passed away. It was a bad week for Diane and Gary losing two of their golden girls in one week

GCH CH Lockehill Le Premier Pas "Layla" died of liver failure today. In her younger days, she was quite a show girl, finishing her championship fairly easily with most of the handling done by Allana Hemenway. She went on to produce two champions, GCH Ch Atwater's Lockehill Daydream Believer "Star" and GCH Ch Atwater's High Noon at Lockehill "Cooper".

Layla was a real show girl, a beauty who loved the game...she will be missed.

March 21, 2016.: Ch Lockehill Chosen Delight "Deidra" passed away of what we suspect was a brain tumor at twelve years old. She spent her show career owned and loved by Barbara Wright and her retirement with Diane and Gary's Golden Girls.

She finished her championship easily if you don't count that last elusive point which took some persistance.  Like Layla, Deidra went on to produce two champions. BISS Ch Kismet's Chosen One "Mara" owned and finished by Danny and Sheryl Kendrick and Ch Chosen Samurai's Delight "Dyna" owned by Barbara and Kismet Kennels.

Deidra was a "delight" and never got over being a puppy at heart.




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