The Current Residents at Lockehill Shelties

Lockehill has been blessed with a core of quality related bitches all decended from my foundation Stonehill Double Ur Pleasure "Molly".

The following are the current girls (I do not have stud dogs) in residence at Lockehill Shelties. I am down to just three bitches and plan to keep my numbers very low.


Lockehill A Song In My Heart "Tess" RETIRED

GCH Ch Paray's Panasonic x Lockehill Love Song

Tess and her sister Sally are Megan daughters. Both are beautiful but not alike in temperament. Tess is reserve and Sally is bold.

I bred Tess at two years old and she is a devoted mother like her dam (see Riley below). Sally is in her new home as her hips did not pass certification. Tess however, is certified excellent so will breed on. I have no idea why litter sisters, raised together and eating the same rations would have such different outcomes. Loosing Sally in my breeding program is a real tragedy for me, however, Tess picked up the slack and I have three lovely daughters to continue my line.

April 2021: Tess is now spayed and retired but her lovely daughters keep her line active at Lockehill. Tess will join her sister Sally together again in retirement living the life in Dallas.


Lovey Lovey

Lockehill Traded For A Song "Riley"

Classic Chosen Protege x Lockehill A Song In My Heart

2021: Riley is my "keeper" from the first Tess litter. She is now five years old and had a litter of six in 2020 and will have pups again in 2022.

Shown at a weedie five months, and twenty one months. She has matured into a very pretty adult.

Riley is very smart and full of energy, much more than I have but she settles in nicely when I bring her in for some one-on-one. She would be great in agility, however I would not pass muster. I really should trim Riley's ears before I post her photo!



Lockehill Fine Time To Leave Me "Lucille"

Kismet Breyston Luck of the Draw x Lockehill A Song In My Heart

Lucille is another Tess daughter, she is sired by Chivas. At 13 weeks and again at two years old, Lucille is living up to her name as she is a funny wild child, she may settle as an adult but for now, life is a lark. Her mother Tess is tail female back to my Lottie and sire Chivas is tail female back to Lucy.

I am so fortunate to be able to do the Lottie - Lucy cross again. Chivas is a young dog and I am sure he will finish, he already has several champions to his credit. Go to my Brag page and see his sister Macie who was Runner up to Best in Futurity at the 2018 National Specialty. His sire was BOB at the2017 National..

And waiting in the wings is Jazz from Tess' last litter Spring 2020. She is sired by Ch Laureate Indeed so adds a little new blood. So far so good.


Lovey Lovey

Lockehill Prairie Bling Factor "Jazz"

GCH Ch Laureate Indeed x Lockehill A Song in My Heart "Tess"

Jazz is my last Tess daughter, shown as a yearling, she is very correct but lacks a show temperament. She is a real lover though and I look for good thing from her. Her name is joke and she is lacking the "chrome"

Jazz will be two years old in March 2022 so I can complete her genetic tests and plan to breed her then. Since Tess is retired, I am down to three girls. Hope to have some really nice pups to grow up to keep the Lockehill line going.



Jazz Jazz