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To reached me by telephone call 830-885-7547 or via (perferred) e-mail at .

We only breed one and sometimes two litters a year, do genetic tests on our shelties, and breed to The Shetland Sheepdog Standard.
I breed for myself first. Although I have retired from the show ring, my job, and paycheck,
I still breed the best to keep my Lockehill line going.
Lockehill bred shelties appear in the predigrees of many prominent Kennels.
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The following shelties are the result of thirty years of breeding the best I could. I have always done genetic testing and health of the sheltie is my number one goal. The Families who have adopted my "retirees" and pups have loved their Lockehill shelties and have often come back for more. Makes me feel like I am doing something right when I receive a nice email like this one: "I really enjoyed your website. So much info and I can tell you have a real love for what you do. It's so unusual these days. I was looking for a puppy and stumbled across your site after looking at many. Your pups are just so pretty and happy. You can't buy that kind of pride."

To view some of past Lockehill Puppies click on the picture of "Dante pup "

Warning: several brokers and volume breeders over the years have stolen my puppy photos and represented them as their own. Please go visit your breeder, never buy a pup sight unseen and never trust a broker or a breeder that uses brokers. Take heed, the picture you see may not be the puppy you get!

I suggest you go to The American Shetland Sheepdog Assn. for their breeder referral page to find a reputable breeder in your area.



I have two litters planned for the Fall, Riley was bred to Ch Serendipity Handle It Rip for pups due in early August 2022 and

Lucille has been bred to Prairie Sam Spade at Serendipity (needs one point to finish his championship) pups due late August.

Hope to have some lovely sable and white pups available in October.

June 2022: Charm went to live with Chris Schaibel to train in Agility while she waits to mature. This will be his fifth Lockehill Sheltie to be trained in performance, she may still make the conformation ring, time will tell.

May 12 , 2022: Charm and Drew are fourteen weeks old and very pretty.

Drew on the left is very tolerant of his sister's bold nature, she trys to dominate him but when he has enough, he puts her in her place. So far so good, they may both make the show ring this Fall. Their size in moderater.

May 24m 2022: Becky Coyle sent this lovely photo of Scout at 16 weeks. He is as pretty as his littermates but unfortunately will be too big for the show ring. I plan to repeat this breeding next spring, don't mess with success!




April 17, 2022: Charm and Drew are ten weeks old and looking promising. They are running on the small size and should be moderate when mature. So far they have great attitudes and find new things exciting. They both are quite pretty.

Shown in this photo with ears resting from being set, they are now back glued to perfection. Ear set can make or break a pups chances to be a winning show dog so it is very important to take care with them. in this photo, Charm's eaars look great but Drew's ears break too low. Time will tell if we get it correct. The third pup went to the Hemenways

Kismet Breyston Luck of the Draw X Lockehill Atwater Breeze



February 22, 2022: All is not lost! I acquired a co-ownership in Lockehill Atwater Breeze from the Hemenways and she was bred to Kismet Breyston Luck of the Draw "Chivas" this past December. I did this breeding for myself! I want another show pup. Chivas has already sired seven champions and many more are pointed. My Lucille is a Chivas daughter.

My plan is to grow two pups up as show prospects and the third goes to the Hemenways as co-owner of this litter so nothing is available at this time.

In the mean time I have this sweet litter of three to love on thanks to the Hemenways for sharing Bree with me. I sold Bree to them five years ago and now we have come full circle



The Spring 2021 pups below are all in their new homes

January 22, 2021: Pups in the play yard from Tess' last litter. Tess is now spayed and living in the Dallas area with her litter sister Sally. She is enjoying retirement with family.

We did get one show pup who is in training for her big day. We always prepare the pups for the possibility they may enter the performance or show arena.

My FTP Connection periodically goes down and I am unable to update my site. My carrier has warned me to delete some content.

I load it with too many photos SO I have to delete some.




Feburary 7, 2021: I say goodbye, you say hello...

Today my sweet little Fay went off on a new adventure with her new mom Gwenda. Some pups just take your heart and Fay certainly did take mine and now she has a new mom wrapped around her paws.

Flynn also left for his new life with Daniel and Robyn. Jill and James will leave Friday and the house will be empty. You know, I may miss the fragrance of poop and certainly the puppy breath.

Seeing the pups go is bitter sweet because I also enjoy the reactions of their new people. I have been retired for eleven years and these little cuties keep me young, well at heart anyway. I plan to have a litter each year till the day I cannot sit with mom as she delivers.

Yes I have been cutting my own hair for a year, does it show? With all the crazies in this world now, gardening and pups keep me sane and happy.


Feburary 16, 2021: The Polar Vortex has come to Texas. It is not often that I look out my bathroom window and see two foot long icicles.

Jill went for a sleepover with James that turned into a week long stay since the roads are iced up, but they certainly are enjoying the snow. It is a good thing that they have thick coats because Bob and Jerryn, James new family, lost power for days and had no heat in the house.

Last week it was shirt sleve weather.

The shelties are enjoying eating and playing in this new white stuff. sory for the bad photo, it was taken through my frosty window.



Feburary 17, 2021: Flynn at his new home sports a lovely blue jacket. Daniel and Robyn took him out on the deck to see his first snow. Flynn said it was very interesting and decided to have a walk in the white stuff. Man you had better be careful because if you step on it, it swallows you up in a flash!.

far right, Flynn at White Sands NM. yep from snow to sand, and he liked the sand better!

It was an unusual Winter-Spring 2020. I had many days with temperatures in the single digits and a lot of my friends were without power for days on end. Good thing the pups have lots of coat and it was all a lark for them






Ch Lockehill Careless Carlotta (left) and Lockehill Careless Lucinda (right) were both daughters of Lockehill's Careless Pleasure.

Lottie was sired by Ch Kismet's Justin and Lucy was sired by Ch Kismet Tallisman II ROM full brothers from different litters. So they were almost full sisters.

Lottie produced three champions and is behind many more. Likewise Lucy is a champion producer with many champions coming down from her.

I do not do inbreedings, prefer to line breed on my tail female line which is unbroken back to my foundation bitch Stonehill Double Ur Pleasure "Molly"(1992). I have been fortunate to have many prominent breeders use the decendents of these two bitches in their breeding programs and I have been able to do the Lottie x Lucy cross by using their results. GCH Ch Lockehill Le Premier Pas "Layla" . Born in 2007, produced two champions and began my very rewarded efforts to line breed on Lottie and Lucy.



The constant assault by the anti-animal zealots, with their onerous laws and impossible to comply with regulations has worn me down (which is their goal). I breed so few litters that there is no way I can afford to make required changes in my 1878 home. I, like so many reputable breeders, will soon be done with the hassle. It will be very difficult to find a nice sheltie, or any other purebred dog for that matter, that was not born in a "factory store" with no socialization...never allowed to dig a hole, play in the leaves, or run with a buddy! They spend their lives in a 6x6 cinder block "clean" enclosure. Born in a sterile environment instead of the soft bedding in the corner of the bedroom...never allowed to "live" in their breeders home or enjoy the company of the other shelties.

The "Too Cute" breeders you see on TV will be no more as the average house cannot be converted to a USDA compliant facility. Federal standards for licensed facilities dictate sanitation measures not feasible in a normal home, surfaces that are impervious to moisture, that must be steam cleaned at 180o, ventilation, bio-hazard control, separate waste disposal systems, diurnal lighting, drainage systems, washrooms, isolation measures, etc. etc.

Good honest breeders who care for their dogs will be hurt, the hoarders and puppy mills will just go underground and keep on doing what they do now because they don't care. They sell their pups off the side of the highway or through brokers or pet shops so they cannot be located. Most of those Ads that pop up first in the search engine are for pups supplied by volume breeders. There are laws enough now to do away with them that are not enforced. Meanwhile the curr dogs born under the porch and allowed to roam intact will always be around and you will be made to feel obligated to adopt them and made to feel guilty for choosing a purebred....gardening is so much easier!

As of late, the "rescue business" has grown so profitable that dogs are being imported from foreign countries. In 2015 a shipment of dogs from India with falsified papers were found to have rabies. They import dogs from Mexico and Asia regularly and send them to rescues in the U.S. were "strays" are hard to come by. There is NOT a forced quarantine on these imported dogs who are infested with who knows what. We are now having to fight diseases (including rabies) and parasites (red longhorn tick) with increased incidence that include a canine variant of previously believed to be eradicated in the U.S., canine flu, screwworm, brucellosis, and a variety of other infectious and zoonotic diseases directly related to irresponsibly imported pets. Our dogs are not able to cope with this onslaught. The Humane Society of US claims we euthanize 84,000 dogs a year in the US in their pleading ads. So why are we importing these problem animals in to our country if we kill so many of our own...use your common sense, someone is not telling truth...follow the money!

Meanwhile, the animal rights folks make you feel guilty for wanting a purebred and get laws passed making it very hard to continue breeding. They teach our kids that adoption of rescuse is the only honorable way to own a pet. Actually they teach that we do not "own" any animal. Just try to get your lost dog found! if it ends up in a rescue, a purbred is big business and your chances are slim. I microchip all my puppies before they leave my home in hopes that if lost, someone honest will read the chip and get it to it's owner.

Warning: October 2019, A BBC Inside Out East investigation has discovered cases of leishmaniasis , which did not used to exist in the UK, are increasing.because of illegal imports from Bosnia and Romania. At least 344,000 dogs were bought into the the UK from EU countries last year but it is feared some importers are bringing in dogs from outside the EU which do not meet government standards.

2021 update: ON a Happy note, there is a law pending to stop importations from countries that are know to have active rabies and now any imports must be vet certified to be healty to get into the country...pray it passes




When you do your internet search, the first "ads" that pop up like "next day pets or PuppySpot" don't really check where their pups come from, it's just buisness to them.

Don't make a big mistake and deal with a person like the little man pictureds. He is selling "Puppy Mill" pups that are not healthy, don't have shots, probably never seen a vet and never socialized. You think you are saving the pup but you just lined his pockets and he has won!

When you deal with the broker or other pet find sites on the internet, you might as well deal with him, they are the same.



January 21, 2019 : My worst Nightmare is that I get duped and sell one of my female pups to someone like this! I live in Comal County. As I said many times GO VISIT YOUR BREEDER AT THEIR HOME/KENNEL. Richard Valdez, San Antonio writes:
This man and woman are circulating our County every day with SUV full of puppy mill pups! Is known to have sold many sick pups here locally. He gets run off by concerned citizens or police and just moves a little further down the road and continues! This sick guy has to be stopped! These poor people likely don't even know what they're getting into thinking they're getting a healthy happy pup! Report whereabouts to Comal County Sheriff

January 26, I saw this creap parked at Spring Branch Store today. Called the Sheriff!