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To reached me by telephone call 830-885-7547 or email at .

We only breed one to two litters a year, do genetic tests on our shelties, and breed to The Shetland Sheepdog Standard.
I breed for myself first. Although I have retired from the show ring.
I still breed the best to keep my Lockehill line going.
Lockehill bred shelties appear in the predigrees of many prominent Kennels.
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The following shelties are the result of thirty years of breeding the best I could. I have always done genetic testing and health of the sheltie is my number one goal. The Families who have adopted my "retirees" and pups have loved their Lockehill shelties and have often come back for more. Makes me feel like I am doing something right when I receive a nice email like this one from Traci Woody: "I really enjoyed your website. So much info and I can tell you have a real love for what you do. It's so unusual these days. I was looking for a puppy and stumbled across your site after looking at many. Your pups are just so pretty and happy. You can't buy that kind of pride."

To view some of twenty nine years worth of past Lockehill Puppies click on the picture of "Dante pup "

Warning: several brokers and volume breeders over the years have stolen my puppy photos and represented them as their own. Please go visit your breeder, never buy a pup sight unseen and never trust a broker or a breeder that uses brokers. I cannot believe a person would buy a life long companion as if it were a book on Amazon! ... take heed, the picture you see may not be the puppy you get! On the website for Tineye, where you can search for my stolen pictures, I found some of my photos appearing as much as 20 times, used on various Broker Sites. Do not deal with anyone that pressures you to send money. If you really like a pup, ask them to send a current photo of the pup at will not get one!



First is Riley's litter born March 11th, then scroll down to Tess' litter born March 26, 2020

Tye finished Feb 8th at the Alamo Area Shetland Sheepdog Specialty, go to my Brag page to see more photos of Star, Tye and his sisters big wins.

January 12. 2020: I have just bred Riley who will turn two years old next month to Tye shown on the right.

Lockehill Traded For A Song "Riley" is tail female back to my Lottie and Ch Atwater Chosen Family Ties "Tye" is tail female to my Lucy which makes this breeding one of my favorite crosess on the sisters Lucy and Lottie.

See the "LOTTIE - LUCY CROSS explaination shown at the end of the litter information.



March 11, 2020: Thanks to Dr. Rodenbeck and his fine staff for helping Riley deliver her pups via c-section because the pup I call Morgan was blocking the door.

Riley and her babies are all doing well.

You guys at Herbst Vet Hospital in Boerne are the best!

Life is Good!


March 11, 2020: Riley delivered six pups, 3 boys and 3 girls. Unfortunately it was via c-section at my vet's office because the first boy got stuck.

March 12: mom and pups are well bonded an Riley is keeping them clean. The photo would be better if it was cloudy out but sure love the sunshine.

Pups are plump and happy. starting to select their temporary names.... the pup in the inset is Chablis because of the wine glass on her forehead, note the stream of wine being poured into the glass.




March 16, 2020: Riley just climbed into her crate after spending a few minutes outside, she never wants to be away long. The pups have just smelled her and are starting to stir. You can see the pup to the left of the pile is turning toward mom....first come first served!

The pups are five days old, growing fast, and triving. photo right at eight days,,,,they don't want for anything except the place on top.

The call name for the pup on the top of the pile right is Banner, looks like the star spangled banner flying over Fort McHenry.

Note that Lola below center next row has the same markings in reverse. Genes are behind everthing!





March 23, 2020: : Tess & Riley enjoying some fresh air while I change the pups bed. Pups are starting to walk and their eyes are starting to open. Mostly they just pile up.

The pups are 12 days old and move around more. The pup on the right is Brandy, little smaller glass on her forehead. Things will be getting interesting soon. Tess temperature is dropping so tomorrow I should be her big day.

March 30, 2020: Riley pups get their first meal of Gerber rice cereal and goat milk. I put the bowl down and set the pups around and then remembered I left the camera up stairs. By the time I got back they had demolished the meal.

No grass grows under this groups feet. Sorry I could not get a clear picture. Tomorrow I will feed them in the bedroom pen where I have better light and can stop the action.


April 1, 2020: Riley pups have names! I know you can not tell much from the photo right but here goes. Will have better pictures when they are out on the porch next week where I have good light.

The pink letters are girls. Top line across is Lola, Ross, Banner, Chablis, Brandy and Morgan


April 6 , 2020: The pups got to have a picnic on the porch today. When they were finished mom stepped in to clean the dish while the pups look for a little desert.

Lola can't believe she ate the whole thing!


April 6 , 2020: Lola sees the phantom puppy on the wall and Banner finds a toy to chew.

It is all too much fun and the pups do what they do best...sleep.

Yep. that is Lola on top of the pink toy...what ever Lola wants, Lola gets and being on top makes you "top dog".


April 11, 2020: The pups get introduced to the wiggle board which is a piece of warped cypress that I have had for years. It wiggles when the climb on top so it teaches balance and not to be afraid of the movement.

First on top was the small male Ross, it thought it was really cool

Ah Spring....the Phoebes are so cute and so messy. Mom watches me go in and out the door just below them. She learned the squeek of my back door and would fly off the nest until I went back in the house. Now I have thirteen babes.


April 15 , 2020: A beautiful day on the porch, cool and sunny. The pups are full of energy and are mauling someone in the corner. That is Banner trying to be top dog.

The pups arefive weeks old today, playing with toys and wrestling a lot. Next week they get a big surprise and get to go out into the playyard.


Tess' pups will be three weeks old tomorrow and I will try to get pictures of their first gruel meal .

The phoebes fledged yesterday afternoon so now I can clean up after them.


April 19, 2020: Pup pen is now double in size and the pups are enjoying the space. In the middle photo they have a three way tug of war going

Far right is Chablis is dining alone...that way she gets her fill with no one getting the best bites.

Life is good for this crew.

Tess babes are beginning to play so mid week I will create a pen within this pen for them. They are only two weeks younger but at this age, the big pups would overwhelm them.

I will try to get all the leaves and seeds blown out of the play yard for the big kids to explore. Only problem is that I must keep an eagle eye on them


April 23 , 2020: Hey guys, look who I found!

Chablis spots the Tess pups in the adjoining pen and is facinated. I was kinda afraid they would bark and the newcomers but no...they just watched them.

Neither of the groups seemed worried about the other. Still must have a barrier to prevent rought play,

Soon all were fast asleep enjoying the fresh air.


April 24, 2020: WOW did we get a nice surprise this morning!

Mom took us out to the play yard and it was a blast. We had so much fun running and eating twigs and leaves...poor mom, she will have to clean up after us.

The tunnel is supper neat and we spent all our time there. You could squeeze under the corner and play "I got it and you don't" games. Mom drew an arrow to show there are two of us in the squeeze space and Lola wants in too!

Well puppy vet visit is May 4th






February 2, 2020: Tess came in season and I bred her to Ch Laureate Indeed shown on the right. I plan a Fall vacation so will not breed a litter then, so hope for my second litter this Spring is in the oven.


March 27, 2020: Tess delivered four pups yesterday evening, 3 boys and 1 girl. I will post pictures after all are settled and mom is cleaned up and comfortable. She had an uneventful whelping which is what I needed.

All quiet on the western front.

The time has come to make room for new puppie pictures so my 2018 Tess x Chivas litter photos are gone. The future is bright and it is so much fun to post the new pups and think up stories to tell. Can't wait to meet all my new clients and catch up with those who have come for a "refill"



March 27, 2020: Tess is a very good mom. cleaning up her babes. I cleaned up the whelping pen and installed her there until I can move Riley to the living room and clean up the large crate for Tess. No natural light as it is early so photo is yellow.

Pup in pile 1 day old on right.

Tess is pleased with her brood as am I EXCEPT there will not be enough girls to go around.

Riley is moved and really wants to see what Tess has....later!

I am pooped but no rest for the wicked, got a lot of laundry to get done. With two litters still in diapers!

April 1, 2020 Tess pups are fine little 6 day old blobs so no new picture.




April 6, 2020: Tess pups at 11days old. Starting to move around a bit more. Eyes are still closed. The boy on top is pretty boy Floyd, he sorta stands out in the crowd.

April 8, 2020: Right, the pups are starting to walk but eyes not open yet. Will be two weeks old tomorrow. Can you believe in two weeks they will be playing on the porch!

April 11, 2020: Tess pups have their eyes open and are walking pretty well. When I get better light will post pictures with their call names.




April 16, 2020: Tess pups are three weeks old today and they enjoy their first meal provided by me. I did not bottle feed these pups to see how they compare with Riley's bunch on socialization and size. Not very scientific since they are different litters.

As you can see they are pigging out! I have marked them for id. The one at the top is Jane, she is very plain but very pretty. For now she will be a keeper. clockwise next if Bob, he is also plain and beautiful. Then there is Tommy and last Floyd as in Pretty boy Floyd. His markings are perfect sheltie markings.

Note: my very beautiful Best in Specialty Show champion Belle (right) was just as plain as Jane with a dot of white on the back of her neck.. Markings dont mean as much as quality in the show ring, but bling is nice!.




April 22, 2020: Tess pups witll be four weeks old tomorrow so they got to go onto the porch for the first time. Tess was there to make them brave and they seemed to take it in stride.

The pup in the center is Jane the only girl and she is promised to a show home.

On the right is Floyd, note the Grocho Marks eyebrows! they will disapear as he grows. He has "too much bling" for sure, that is his back in the first picture . He is everyone's big brother but he is pretty layed back now.



April 22, 2020: I made a pen inside the porch pen so these kids can be protected from Riley's crew as they are getting to the rough play stage.

Center photo is Tommy the boldest of the lot and right is Bob who is plain like Jane and the smallest pup

I will introduce them to the Riley crew after they are comfortable in their new porch pen. Remember above when I said just wait two weeks!




April 25, 2020: The Tess crew is getting braver so they were out on the porch early to enjoy the cool sun and since the other litter gets the PlayYard, I doubled the Tess pups pen and they get to enjoy the outside opening. Tommy headed right for it.

I fed them their last meal with goat milk last night and now only soften kibble. Tommy thinks it is just fine while Ross looks on. You know they never get any food! I see what went in also comes out

Right photo the pups get a new toy to play with, a knee high with a rattle in side. They also have a radio playing the garden show to listen to and get used to male voices. I realized their pen in my bedroom was too quiet.

Well puppy vet visit is May 19th'






Ch Lockehill Careless Carlotta (left) and Lockehill Careless Lucinda (right) were both daughters of Lockehill's Careless Pleasure.

Lottie was sired by Ch Kismet's Justin and Lucy was sired by Ch Kismet Tallisman II ROM full brothers from different litters. So they were almost full sisters.

Lottie produced three champions and is behind many more. Likewise Lucy is a champion producer with many champions coming down from her.

I do not do inbreedings, prefer to line breed on my tail female line which is unbroken back to my foundation bitch Stonehill Double Ur Pleasure "Molly"(1992). I have been fortunate to have many prominent breeders use the decendents of these two bitches in their breeding programs and I have been able to do the Lottie x Lucy cross by using their results. GCH Ch Lockehill Le Premier Pas "Layla" . Born in 2007, produced two champions and began my very rewarded efforts to line breed on Lottie and Lucy.



The constant assault by the anti-animal zealots, with their onerous laws and impossible to comply with regulations has worn me down (which is their goal). I, like so many reputable breeders, will soon be done with the hassle. It will be very difficult to find a nice sheltie, or any other purebred dog for that matter, that was not born in a "factory store" with no socialization...never allowed to dig a hole, play in the leaves, or run with a buddy! They spend their lives in a 6x6 cinder block "clean" enclosure. Born in a sterile environment instead of the soft bedding in the corner of the bedroom...never allowed to "live" in their breeders home or enjoy the company of the other shelties.

The "Too Cute" breeders you see on TV will be no more as the average house cannot be converted to a USDA compliant facility. Federal standards for licensed facilities dictate sanitation measures not feasible in a normal home, surfaces that are impervious to moisture, that must be steam cleaned at 180o, ventilation, bio-hazard control, separate waste disposal systems, diurnal lighting, drainage systems, washrooms, isolation measures, etc. etc.

Good honest breeders who care for their dogs will be hurt, the hoarders and puppy mills will just go underground and keep on doing what they do now because they don't care. They sell their pups off the side of the highway or through brokers or pet shops so they cannot be located. Most of those Ads that pop up first in the search engine are for pups supplied by volume breeders. There are laws enough now to do away with them that are not enforced. Meanwhile the curr dogs born under the porch and allowed to roam intact will always be around and you will be made to feel obligated to adopt them and made to feel guilty for choosing a purebred....gardening is so much easier!

As of late, the "rescue business" has grown so profitable that dogs are being imported from foreign countries. In 2015 a shipment of dogs from India with falsified papers were found to have rabies. They import dogs from Mexico and Asia regularly and send them to rescues in the U.S. were "strays" are hard to come by. There is NOT a forced quarantine on these imported dogs who are infested with who knows what. We are now having to fight diseases (including rabies) and parasites (red longhorn tick) with increased incidence that include a canine variant of previously believed to be eradicated in the U.S., canine flu, screwworm, brucellosis, and a variety of other infectious and zoonotic diseases directly related to irresponsibly imported pets. Our dogs are not able to cope with this onslaught. The Humane Society of US claims we euthanize 84,000 dogs a year in the US in their pleading ads. So why are we importing these problem animals in to our country if we kill so many of our own...use your common sense, someone is not telling truth...follow the money!

Meanwhile, the animal rights folks make you feel guilty for wanting a purebred and get laws passed making it very hard to continue breeding. They teach our kids that adoption of rescuse is the only honorable way to own a pet. Actually they teach that we do not "own" any animal. Just try to get your lost dog found! if it ends up in a rescue, a purbred is big business and your chances are slim. I microchip all my puppies before they leave my home in hopes that if lost, someone honest will read the chip and get it to it's owner.

Warning: October 2019, A BBC Inside Out East investigation has discovered cases of leishmaniasis , which did not used to exist in the UK, are increasing.because of illegal imports from Bosnia and Romania. At least 344,000 dogs were bought into the the UK from EU countries last year but it is feared some importers are bringing in dogs from outside the EU which do not meet government standards.




When you do your internet search, the first "ads" that pop up like "next day pets or PuppySpot" don't really check where their pups come from, it's just buisness to them.

Don't make a big mistake and deal with a person like the little man pictureds. He is selling "Puppy Mill" pups that are not healthy, don't have shots, probably never seen a vet and never socialized. You think you are saving the pup but you just lined his pockets and he has won!

When you deal with the broker like or other pet find sites on the internet, you might as well deal with him, they are the same.



January 21, 2019 : My worst Nightmare is that I get duped and sell one of my female pups to someone like this! I live in Comal County. As I said many times GO VISIT YOUR BREEDER AT THEIR HOME/KENNEL. Richard Valdez, San Antonio writes:
This man and woman are circulating our County every day with SUV full of puppy mill pups! Is known to have sold many sick pups here locally. He gets run off by concerned citizens or police and just moves a little further down the road and continues! This sick guy has to be stopped! These poor peeps likely don't even know what they're getting into thinking they're getting a healthy happy pup! Report whereabouts to Comal County Sheriff or submit to Comal County Crimestoppers (Ref Tip ID 427-W8258): Hotline: 830-620-TIPS
January 26, I saw this creap parked at Spring Branch Store today. Called the Sheriff!