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We only breed one to two litters a year, do genetic tests on our shelties, and breed to The Shetland Sheepdog Standard. I breed for myself as showing dogs is my passion and I want to keep my line going. To navigate around just click the live links and pictures...have fun! To reached me by telephone call 830-885-7547 or email at .

The following shelties are the result of twenty nine years of breeding the best I could. I have always done genetic testing and health of the sheltie is my number one goal. The Families who have adopted my "retirees" and pups have loved their Lockehill shelties and have often come back for more. Makes me feel like I am doing something right when I receive a nice email like this one from Traci Woody: "I really enjoyed your website. So much info and I can tell you have a real love for what you do. It's so unusual these days. I was looking for a puppy and stumbled across your site after looking at many. Your pups are just so pretty and happy. You can't buy that kind of pride."

To view some of twenty nine years worth of past Lockehill Puppies click on the picture of "Dante pup "

Warning: several brokers and volume breeders over the years have stolen my puppy photos and represented them as their own. Please go visit your breeder, never buy a pup sight unseen and never trust a broker or a breeder that uses brokers. I cannot believe a person would buy a life long companion as if it were a book on Amazon! ... take heed, the picture you see may not be the puppy you get!




My good friend Stephen Carlisle of Prosper TX has this pretty little boy available.

Contact Stephen for details at: 512-461-1832 or by email at:


Also Allana and Dan Hemenway may have a sable boy available. They live in San Marcos and can be reached by email at:




November 17, 2018: Tess (Lockehil A Song In My Heart), has been bred to Chivas (Kismet's Breyston's Luck of the Draw) who is tail female to my Lucy. Tess is tail female to Lottie so this will be the Lucy-Lottie cross that has worked so well for me in the past. Tess appears to be pregnant, pups will all be bright golden red sables

Her pups will be due about a week before Serena's. I bred Tess not seeing any signs of season for Serena and thought she would wait until Spring to come in heat...Not! Since Serena has had two misses, I could not skip her.

Should be a really busy Holiday season for me! I had two litters close together years is not easy but we will all survive.


October 28, 2018: I have just finished breeding Lockehill Serena's Song "Serena" (right) to GCh Paray's Panasonic "DJ" (far right). If she is pregnant, we will have pups late December. They will be available in late February.

This is a repeat of the breeding that produced the beautiful Lockehill Atwater Breeze in 2016, Serena's only litter so far.

Both Serena and DJ have their genetic tests done and have their "CHIC' certifications from The Orthopedic Foundation for Animals. Test results can be seen at

Fingers crossed!



Feb 1, 2018 this is Tess (Lockehil A Song In My Heart), Megan's daughter who was bred to Preston (Prairie Chosen Protege) right.

Feb 21, 2018: Miss Tess had three girls and two boys. All pups and Tess are fine. The following pictures follow the progress of this litter, birth to when they joined their new families.

Update: Tess is pictured with her 9 month old daughter Riley aka Johanna from this litter.


Feb 22, 2018: Tess is a devoted mom, just like her mother Megan. Her pups are fat and clean. Looks like I have another brown pup (center) with very little white but he has a lot of white on his legs. I did not check the sex when I placed them back in the crib so don't know if it is he or she yet. Definitely will be tri-factored like his dad.

I will wait a week and post new photos...looks like mom needs an ear trim, she looks a little scruffy.



March 1, 2018: The pups are one week old and growing fast. The brown pup on the top of the heap on the picture above right is a girl not a boy. In this photo she is on her back so you can see her white feet and bib. The light colored pup is pure for sable and is a male. See arrows. Right now I feel the other pups are tri-facored sables.

You can see how they have grown when you compare the photos with their mom. On the right you can see the pup standing on his back legs trying to squeeze in to reach dinner.



March 7, 2018: What a difference a week makes, the pups started to open their eyes and are walking. The low light makes it hard to stop the motion as they are very active. Truth is, I cannot hold the camera still now, growing old is not for the faint of heart.

First pup, the light male has his eyes open. Center dark pup is on her way but still does not have her eyes open.

Next week they will be moved to the 4x4 pen and will taste cereal for the first time



March 8, 2018: After a big day of walking and climbing out of our bed, two of the girls join their littermates in a nap.

Mother Tess can hardly wait to have them back safe in their bed so she can go outside and get some sun.

I took time out myself and planted some tomatoes in the veggie garden. Put in peppers and sowed green been seeds. the plum trees are in bloom. Everything is starting to sprout!

March 13, 2018: pups enjoy their first meal of goat milk and rice cereal. You can see the big girl lower center is pigging out. Did not take long for the others to get the hang of it. The pups will be three weeks old tomorrow and have graduated to the 4x4 pen during the day. Will still sleep with mom in the puppy crate at night.



March 16, 2018: I added the large crate as a bed for the pups to give them more room in the pen. They are starting to notice the toys and investigate and play with them.

Coordination is better now and they have no problem coming to me when I call them for supper. Mom has a step over to go in and out as she pleases. I can close the gate to keep her in or out as needed. I can feel little teeth breaking through their gums

I is amaizing how they change daily. The light colored boy is the most bold now but all are pretty brave for three weeks old. Their mom is showing signs of getting tired of them until one makes a squeek and she is right there to see if all is okay.



March 19, 2018: Our first outing onto the porch. Mom is here to make us brave and we soon find this is really fun!

We have toys to play with and can explore every new thing. Look at our new bed (right) is this busy, makes my eyes dance but it is so very soft. We can hear birds singing and feel the wind.

The pups will not be 4 weeks old until Wednesday but they seemed ready for this adventure. They seem about 3 days ahead of schedule



March 21, 2018: four weeks old today. Oh how we love our mom! Today we are enjoying the cool morning on the suuny porch. Mom squeezed into our bed and we enjoyed suggle time. Even had a good smooch with mom.

This next week she will spend less time with her brood and they are only together when she wants to be with them and at night when I close her in the pen with them. The pups teeth are in and they are starting to bite harder (my toes can attest to that) which means we will be going to soften kibble and no more rice cereal. About mid week they will have a bowl of hard kibble in their pen so they can start to mouth it. By next week we will be able to start crunching down on dry kibble.

Next week our pen will get larger and we will have new adventures, can hardly wait.




March 28, 2018: five weeks old today! So happy to see sunshine after the big storms last night. Mom kept us brave but the booms and flashing was scarry.

We have new toys to play with. The wiggle board is here for us to climb up on and this jug of rocks that is so much fun to chase after.

Left to right. Johanna and Becca. Center is Jason with Johanna in the back. Right is Johanna running off with the rattle bottle with Jason in persuit. Justin and Savanna missed the photo shoot because they were too quick and photos were too fuzzy....try again tomorrow.



April 2, 2018: Out first day in the puppy yard was a blast! We have so many great new things to explore....and we can run!

We wore ourselves out so we had to go back to the porch to rest. We ate so many sticks and leaves that Mom will have a job cleaning up after us.

Life is good.



April 3, 2018: Six weeks tomorrow!

left to right are Justin, Johanna, Shannon, Becca, & Jason enjoying the play yard. Had ot wait until they were worn out to get them still enough for a photo.



April 11, 2018: Seven weeks today and instead of a big celebration, Big Mom put these things on our neck. My gosh they are awful! You cannot walk with one on, legs just don't move right.

You can grab your sister so there is one positive.

Well I think I will just have to pout since Mom said we had to wear them today.


April 14 , 2018: We got to play in the yard but Mom made us wear these collar things. How can you chase anyone on three legs.

It was very warm out so we had to wait until late to get to run but it is worth the wait. We can eat sticks, leaves, and BUGS. You have to be quick because Mom will steal them from you.

Far right Lucy aka Becca is in time out because she had a spat with her brother....he was getting the best bugs and would not share so she bit him on the nose.




April 14 , 2018:Am I ready for these pups to go home....Yes and no. See how cute Riley aka Johanna looks playing in the yard, then she chomps down on my foot....ouch! Right now everything is a toy including my toes.

We have had some very warm days so I gave them a cold carrot to play with. Too big to eat but fun to chew and play keep away with as the two boys are doing.

Note: Carrots are full of sugar so must limit how much they can eat. The big dogs love them but only get them about once a week.




April 20, 2018: The first pups are on their way to their forever homes. Bittersweet for me as I do enjoy watching them go from little blobs to happy youngsters. Perhaps I am sentimental in my old age, but each one is so special to me. They grow and change in "fast forward" just like my life seems to be doing now. I am blessed to have such wonderful families come to collect their prize pups. This litter of five all went to families that have raised Lockehill pups before and had returned for a "refill".

The pup pictured with me is Lila aka Shannon... Be a good girl Lila!

Pups have all gone to their new homes.


These are some nice notes from their new families:

" Thank you so much for spending so much time with us yesterday . I wanted to let you know that Lila has made a wonderful transition to our home and seems happy to be here. We will love her with all of our hearts. Thank you again and we'll see you in mid May when Lila comes back to you for a short visit!!
Warmly, Leslie  (Lila's mom)

"Thank you so much for allowing us to have another one of your awesome puppies.  You have been such a blessing to us and your dogs are the best.  Riley has been playing out in the yard and now she is sound asleep in the recliner beside me.  I know I will have questions and I hope you don't mind me bending your ear for advice and help with questions.  I really want to tell you again thank you for choosing us to receive one of your puppies." Hugs, Scott, Kathy and Riley aka Johanna

" Buddy (aka Jason) is one very happy little boy.  He's so full of life and is so much fun.  We have a zillion toys and have given him many of them to play with.  From the very first time I threw a frisbee for him in the yard, he retrieved it.  I thought it was a fluke and threw it several more times, only for him to bring it right back to me.  Now we do the same with other toys in the house.  That's amazing to me for him to be so young.  He's pretty good about going to the bathroom outside and we take him often. ....  Hannah is tolerating him and very curious about him.... until he is really annoying her and she comes to me tell me she has had enough.  I think they are going to get along just fine. ....  He sleeps every night without any fuss.  He is such a sweet little boy.. ..  We just love our little boy so much and think he loves us too.  He is a real blessing to us and a bundle of fun.  I hope all his sisters and brother are adjusting as well as he is.  We are so happy to have Buddy in our family." ...Janis Womack



Notice to all Sheltie Lovers: Please do not use the product Trifexis for Heartworm appears to be is causing great harm to many shelties. At first I thought it was a rumor but too many sheltie breeders are reporting that they are having severe reactions to this product including some deaths. The reactions can be immediate or delayed for months until your dog is too debilitated to recover. It is also causing seizures in shelties. Use a single ingredient heartworm product and a topical for fleas and space them out do not use a combination. All my current shelties are MDR1-N/N but that does not seem to change the fact that they react negatively to Trifexis.


Well this page was getting so large that it was slow to load so we are in the current year now, all the other pups are all grown up now!

How time passes, Layla to the far left and Lovey to the far right are the only girls still living with me. All the others are in retirment homes.

I have reduced the number of shelties I keep here at Lockehill and plan to keep just three shelties. I retired in 2010 and no longer have a paycheck so I can no longer afford the cost of breeding and showing. It has always been a labor of love, always in the red ink. My paycheck always subsidized my dogs, never the other way around.

The constant assault by the anti-animal zealots, with their onerous laws and impossible to comply with regulations has worn me down (which is their goal). I, like so many reputable breeders, am done with the hassle. It will soon be very difficult to find a nice sheltie, or any other purebred dog for that matter, that was not born in a "factory store" with no socialization...never allowed to dig a hole, play in the leaves, or bury a bone! Born in a sterile environment instead of the soft bedding in the corner of the bedroom...never allowed to "live" in their breeders home or enjoy the company of the other shelties.

The "Too Cute" breeders you see on TV will be no more as the average house cannot be converted to a USDA compliant facility. Federal standards for licensed facilities dictate sanitation measures not feasible in a normal home, surfaces that are impervious to moisture, that must be steam cleaned at 180o, ventilation, bio-hazard control, separate waste disposal systems, diurnal lighting, drainage systems, washrooms, isolation measures, etc. etc.

Good honest breeders who care for their dogs will be hurt, the hoarders and puppy mills will just go underground and keep on doing what they do now because they don't care. They sell their pups through brokers or pet shops so they cannot be located. There are laws enough now to do away with them that are not enforced. Meanwhile the curr dogs born under the porch and allowed to roam intact will always be around and you will be made to feel obligated to adopt them and made to feel guilty for choosing a purebred....gardening is so much easier!

As of late, the "rescue business" has grown so profitable that dogs are being imported from foreign countries. In 2015 a shipment of dogs from India with falsified papers were found to have rabies. They import dogs from Mexico regularly and send them to rescues in the north were "strays" are hard to come by. Just try to get your lost dog found! if it ends up in a rescue, a purbred is big business and your chances are slim. I microchip all my puppies before they leave my home in hopes that if lost, someone honest will read the chip and get it to its owner.

Warning: (Any State they all go to the same place) Sheltiepupforsale or is a broker with pet mill pups of very poor quailty He is alway the first paid sight and you can name any breed and any state and it will go to the same site.. out for this guy! I look at the prices on those poor quality pups and am aghast!

Although the breed specific location sites are normally well run, there are "all breed" Puppy Find or Puppy Locator sites popping up on the web everywhere, they think they are a service but they are filled quickly with volume breeders. I get unsolicited invitations to join them often but I do not care to be included with a list that often is dominated by the volumn breeders. In most cases, the site owners DO NOT check out who joins the site, it is open to anyone. Often I am included in their listings without my permission. It is getting hard to avoid the traps as they usually are the paid sites that pop up first in the search be careful and use your head. The cute picture you see may not be the puppy you get. Beware the site that offers multiple breeds and never take a puppy that you cannot visit at the kennel where it was born and raised! The safest bet is to go to the local Club (in my case Alamo Area Shetland Sheepdog Club or the parent American Shetland Sheepdog Assn club website for a referral

FAQ: The Humane Society of US, HSUS spend less that 1% of their budget on animal rescue, the rest is spent on exorbitant salaries and lobbing.

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